Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Musings from a snowglobe...

When Dan and I first realized that we'd be moving to the Berkshires one of the first things I looked up was the climate. You see, I grew up on the buckle of the snowbelt in Upstate NY. Here are a few pictures of rather typical winters in my hometown:

I've shown pictures like these to Non-Upstate New Yorkers in the past and their reactions have always been some mix of bulging eyes, gasps, disbelief and exclamations of "How did you get into your house!" It's very entertaining. I feel like one of those people who handles snakes and after awhile becomes immune to the venom. Snow just doesn't affect me.

That is unless it’s really, really pretty. Like yesterday. I was poking around upstairs and I happened to look outside just in time to glimpse the first flakes falling. At first it was a gentle, light, powdery snow, and then in a matter of seconds it was the equivalent of a frozen torrential downpour. Thick curtains of snow just poured and poured and started forming little white puddles on dried leaves and in the spaces between blades of grass.

And while I wasn’t affected by the quantity of snow that started falling or even the suddenness with which it came, I was affected by the rays of golden mid-afternoon sunlight that were beaming and pouring through the clouds illuminating every little snowflake and turning it into a tiny piece of glitter. Boy, was that pretty. I just sat on the bed in whichever room I was in and just watched it for a minute, mesmerized. I felt like I was sitting inside a snowglobe, watching these beautiful, sparkling little jewels fall around me.

And while I've never been a snow person, I feel like maybe I could be here. If the snow is always this beautiful, what could there be not to like? Coats and mittens and hats keep out the cold, snow tires keep us safe as we travel, and hot chocolate warms us up should we find ourselves chilled.

I think it's going to be a pleasant winter. But just to be sure of that, I'm going to go look up snow-tubing parks. No sense being locked in my snowglobe all winter, right?

With Love,
~Brande N.

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