Thursday, May 28, 2009

Swelter, Shiver, Smile

Do you remember awhile back when I wrote a post about the snow in my hometown? Well, I was browsing Flickr today, looking at pictures of said hometown, when I stumbled on this:

And this:
And this:
(just for clarity's sake: that's a Jeep under there...)

You might ask me why am I showing you a picture of snow today? Why am I showing you a picture of snow on on this lovely day in May? Why would I bring up cold, wet, windy, yucky winter on such a beautiful spring day?

The answer is because it's hot out, and looking at snow makes me shiver. It's like mental air conditioning.

Really, give it a try! Take a look at one of the pictures, close your eyes, and picture standing where the photographer is.


There, don't you feel better?

With Love,
~Brande N.

PS: My apologies to any readers who may be visiting from Siberia, Alaska, Iceland, or anywhere that is currently experiencing a cold front. Look away, look away!


Rob said...

Brrrr... I sure don't regret my decision to move to south Texas.

Goth boy said...

I Loved the Ps part and wanted to know if you knew alot about weather? you seem smart to. It would be cool if you came and checked out my blog at the story!LOL

Brande said...

Let me tell you, Rob, it's a little on the chilly-dreary-drizzly side today, so I'm more than a little envious of your location right now!

And Goth Boy, I WISH I knew a lot about weather! My mom watched the weather channel almost compulsively growing up, so I learned terms like "cold front", "T3 tornado" and "cumulostratus" from overhearing the TV. Your blog is cute!